China Nonferrous Metals Company Limited (“China Nonferrous Metals”, or “The Group”), formerly known as Sungreen International Holdings Limited, was established in 2004, and has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 2005 (GEM Stock code: 8306).


China Nonferrous Metals is principally engaged in mining, processing and trading of nonferrous metals, currently lead and zinc in the PRC.  The Group operates the New Jiashengpan Resources mine in Wulatezhongqi, an autonomous region in  Inner Mongolia, the PRC. As valuated by Australian reputable SRK Consulting Engineers and Scientists, the mine has proven reserves of 1.36 million tonnes in total, of which 1.2 million tonnes are zinc and 160,000 tonnes are lead. It ranks top 5 in lead and zinc resources in the PRC.


The Group has also entered into a conditional acquisition agreement with Shenzhen City First Create Investment Company Limited to acquire Chifeng City Gujingdong Kuangye Limited Corporation which owns a mine located in Kalaqinqi Liutiaogou Village, Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia, the PRC with an aggregate mining area of 15.30 km2 and from which copper, zinc, lead and silver were found by the Brigade 247 of Nonferrous Metals Geology and Exploration Bureau of Hunan Province.


To further develop its nonferrous metal business, the Group acquired Qinghai Yuyang Trading Limited which is principally engaged in trading of zinc, lead and other minerals and precious metals in September 2008.


On August 2009, the Group conditionally acquired Tianzhu Yutian Construction Material Co. Ltd, a company with a gold mine in Gansu Province, the PRC.  The gold mine is located in Yumen City, Jiuquan Region, Gansu Province of the PRC with an aggregate exploration area of 13.67 km2. According to the preliminary technical report, it is estimated that gold reserves in the mine will be approximately 9.909 tonnes.


Two months later, on October 2009, the Group conditionally acquired another company - Naimanqi Mining Co. Ltd. with a zinc-lead Mine in Naimanqi, , Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia. The Company is principally engaged in exploitation and mining of the Mineral Resources at the Mine, and trading of mineral resources. The Mine has an aggregate exploitation area of about 1.4325 km2, mainly contains lead and zinc resources. The permissible size of production from the Mine under the exploitation license is 45,000 tonnes per annum.


The PRC is the world's largest consumer and producer of lead and zinc, the Group believes the zinc and lead mining industry will provide potential investment opportunities required by the Group. With a mission to become the leader of the lead and zinc mining company in the PRC, the Group has planned to continue acquiring mining assets in the future to expand the business. 



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